Positive Thinking and Universal Law

Positive Thinking and Universal Law

Why is it that some people seem to live a charmed life, receiving exactly what they want?
Why do other people never seem to fulfill their desires?
How can the same universe be benevolent in one case and seemingly indifferent in the other?
The truth is, it is the same universe. The difference is in the thoughts of the person who expects to have what they want or the one who expects disaster at every turn. Listen to your own thoughts … are you a positive thinker? Do you expect the best or worry about the worst?
You can learn to be a positive thinker, enabling you to call upon powers greater than your own conscious mind.
The ability to imagine is a gift we all have. Imagination and will power are the keys for creating the life we desire. When we become intentional creators, we learn that we are a part of something much greater than ourselves. All the forces of the universe are on our side! They draw to us seemingly mystical and magical experiences. We can learn to understand these universal forces called Universal Laws. They are universal because they apply to anyone, anywhere, any place.
When you read books by or about successful people, you will find that whatever field of endeavor the notable person pursues — business, art, music, science, religion, communication — the same principles work.
People who accomplish their ideals are cooperating with the Universal Laws whether they know it or not. Just as gravity functions even if someone does not know how it works, the Universal Laws operate with or without one’s conscious awareness.
Have you ever been in the right place at the right time for something great to happen? Is this a divine accident, or a response to some mysterious plan?
Some people call these events “coincidence” or “miraculous.” The action of attraction is one of the forces at work! Attraction is a universal principle, the drawing together of aggressive and receptive energies. It is the divine principle of love. This is why, when people are in love, they glow. They become more attractive. It is why, when people are doing work they love, or creating a project they love, they are radiant. They exude beauty, strength, and power.
Attraction seems magical and mysterious. Yet, there is a science that causes it to work. Understand the science and you can wield the attractive power of your mind anytime, anywhere, at your will.
It starts with a thought that you create in your conscious mind. A clear, complete and detailed thought form is like a seed. This can be a thought like, “I really want to understand my dreams” or “I am full of energy” or “I want to develop loving and spiritual friendships.” Then you nurture your seed idea with love and attention, acting on what you want to accomplish.
The love and attention you give to your desire is like sunshine. It warms your seed idea and helps to draw into your life people who have similar desires. When you act on your desire, you are attracted to people and places who will help you manifest what you want. If you desire a new job, go out on job interviews. If you want spiritual friendship, go out and meet new people. The physical activity is like water. Just as you water a seed in the ground, you move in the direction of your developing thought form when you act on it.
As your thought form grows in the fertile soil of your subconscious mind, it attracts other energies and minds similarly conditioned. This is the cause of the principle, “Like attracts like.” It is an expression of the Law of Attraction. Your thought form is like a mental broadcast. It reaches out with thought waves to the entire universe.
There is a universal mind in which all of our minds connect. It is like a web, a universal place where energies meet and merge and interact. There are always other people, other minds, with desires and needs compatible to your own. What you need, someone else wants to give. You want to give what someone else needs. These other minds are also creating visualized thought forms which reach out into universal mind.
This dance of corresponding needs sets up attraction. When these similar thought forms meet, the attraction produces a match. Like seeds growing in rich, fertile soil, a thought form that is developing in the subconscious mind is imperceptible to the physical senses. When a seed is within the earth, you tend it and care for it although you cannot yet see, touch, feel, or smell it.
In the same way, there is a time to watch expectantly for a developing thought form to manifest in physical form. Knowing that you have created a clear and complete image, you watch for the signs that your desired object is coming to fruition. The Law of Attraction operates even when you do not know exactly how you will fulfill a desire. It ensures that you will be in the right place at the right time for things to “click” into place.
Affirmations are a good way to “affirm” or make firm, the thought-form-desire you want to manifest. Affirm what you want, expect the best, and watch for the opportunities to respond. You will align with the Law of Attraction and become successful and fulfilled.

Online Gambling Trends And Predictions – A Comprehensive New Report By Pwc

Online Gambling Trends And Predictions – A Comprehensive New Report By Pwc

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), one of the giants among accountancy firms worldwide has recently published a report on “Global Casino and Online Gaming Market to 2014”. This lengthy but must-read report discusses the land-based and online casino industry including players, trends, and revenue growth, to name a few. We have gone one step ahead by digesting selected sections of the report and summarizing them for you. It is worthy to mention that we have chosen contents relevant to this site and have summarized these alongside some of our inputs (Readers who wish to get a glimpse of the report details may visit

Casino Revenue Figures – Actual and Estimates

PwC’s report came out in two parts. The first part contains discussions on land-based casinos while the second touches on online casinos. While this site focuses on online casinos, a discussion on land-based casinos cannot be ignored at this point considering its huge operations and strong influence on its online counterpart. Probably for lack of reliable and credible sources, revenue figures from online gambling were excluded from the PwC report. The company however came out with revenue figures derived from regulated online gambling. PwC reports that for 2009 alone, revenue derived from gambling worldwide was a whopping US$100.5 billion. The company further estimates that this will reach US$156.8 billion or a hefty 56 percentage points increase by year-end 2014.

Asia Pacific Region – Gaining Headway

Everyone knows that Asia is being touted as the next global champion, thus it didn’t come as a surprise when PwC reported that the Asia Pacific Region industry players, specifically Macau, has already surpassed Nevada’s casino revenues in 2008. Asia Pacific countries like Australia and South Korea have become major players as they accounted for 92% of the region’s casino revenues for 2008. Singapore is not to be left behind as it occupied the number three slot among the regions revenue contributor for the same year.

Recession and US Casinos

In the US, casino owners are experiencing a less than favorable output. The recent economic recession has had negative repercussions on casino owners in Nevada and Atlantic City. Casino owners were not spared of the crisis. As expected, revenues took a nosedive. As a precautionary measure, the New Jersey government is reportedly preparing to submit an Online Gambling Bill which would help casinos outside of Atlantic City to obtain operating licenses.

Shifts and Directions

PwC also reported major directions to be taken by online casinos within a four-year time frame. Below is a brief discussion of these directions including our views.

1. Cross-Border Gambling

The practice of keeping casino operations within territories or states are backed up by their respective governments however, this set up may not gain a strong foot hold in the coming years. Casino owners, especially those operating within smaller states or regions would find ways to broaden its customer reach. The Powerball multistate lottery in the US and selected provinces in Canada are gearing towards creating a poker network. Apparently, crossing borders would be inevitable as business owners try to provide its local customers with as many players to play against.

2. Government and Taxation

Like any other business or going concern, casinos are also taxed by the Government. Understandably, Government would want higher revenue from taxes however, it may be wise to temper its imposition of taxes (including regulations) if it wants the industry to thrive. Too much imposition of taxes and stringent regulations may kill the industry. On-line gambling in France for instance has blamed the French Government for its poor performance due to regulations and taxes. Gaming businesses in UK also experienced the same heavy imposition of taxes. For this reason, a premier gambling business in UK has decided to pull-out and relocate its head office offshore.

3. Societal Views and Values

People have different perspectives about gambling. Poker for instance is viewed as game of strategy and entails analytical skills from among its players. On the other hand, table games in casinos are often times viewed as merely a game of chance and is unlikely to gain widespread acceptance compared with poker games. In the US, horse racing has evolved into a legal activity in various states. Sports-betting has likewise become a big industry in the US.

A few years ago, the UIGEA Bill was passed to control illegal online gambling although there are entities pushing for its repeal. We can go on discussing a host of other forms of gambling and the public’s different views on these. The bottom line is each form of gambling draws varied reactions from multiple sectors of society. The saying “Different folks, different strokes” strongly applies.

4. The Social Network Bandwagon

Many might be wondering whether a deal could possibly be forged between the popular social network Facebook and Harrahs. Deal or no deal, social networks are bound to take on a major role in promoting online casinos. It is interesting to note that apart from Harrahs, other online casino businesses have expressed growing interest in joining the social networking bandwagon. Apparently, more and more casino business owners recognize the value of social utilities and their huge contribution to increasing customer base and revenues. One proof is the growing number of Zynga poker fans who play poker for free via Facebook.

Final Note

Overall, it seems that growth of online casinos (including land-based ones) will be greatly influenced by Government’s laws and regulations on casinos and strategies on achieving revenue growth in the coming years. Of course we cannot discount the role of the general public in shaping the future of casinos worldwide. Whether or not it is ready to embrace gambling as a legitimate source of entertainment for mature and responsible adults still remains to be seen. Lastly, forging ties with social networks have become a trend among casino owners as they recognize its valuable contribution to market presence and revenue growth.

We will continue to keep track of interesting news and issues pertaining to online gaming laws and regulations so do follow us regularly on twitter @rCasinoReviews or simply subscribe to our RSS feed.

Police Oral Board – Question Types

Police Oral Board – Question Types

The police oral board is the key to moving from police applicant to police officer. Most of the steps in the hiring process are pass or fail. Not the oral board. The oral board is the single most subjective part of the hiring process. There is good reason why departments would want it that way. It allows for a diversity of opinion with a spectrum of experience within law enforcement. That is to say, a professional law enforcement opinion about you.

The police oral board is weighted heavily and is often the largest percentage of your final ranking or rating on hiring lists. Why? Because they allow your future peers a firsthand look at all the applicants interviewing. This is not a pass/fail proposition; you will be graded on many aspects during the oral board. You will be ranked according to your performance against predetermined standards and categories. Candidate rankings can vary greatly, so this is your opportunity to set yourself apart.

If you have succeeded in previous job interviews, that is good. The oral board is dreaded by police applicants for a reason, and many struggle. Scenario questions are the most talked about amongst police applicants because of their adversarial nature. As an interviewee, you will be challenged on your answer. Probably, more than once. Use sound judgment and do not get bullied into changing a perfectly good answer.

Job-readiness questions will be posed to every applicant. These will include the deadly force question (some interviews will combine the deadly force question with a scenario question for added impact). Some of these are closed-ended questions, meaning they require a yes or no answer. Do not stop there, that is simply an average score. Never miss an opportunity to sell yourself in an interview. When given the opportunity reiterate important points about yourself or sell a new aspect in relation to the question.

The oral board will have their ideal candidate in mind before you step foot in the room. Knowing the strategy and techniques ahead of time is a must for your preparation. Combine that with the knowledge of the type of candidate the oral board is looking for is the key to starting your law enforcement career now. Armed with the aforementioned knowledge you will be able to formulate multifaceted answers to police oral board questions and avoid the fatal pitfalls.

Winners have one thing in common…preparation. There is no need to arrive at your police oral board, bubbling with anxiety, with your fingers crossed. Preparing ahead of time will:

• Relieve anxiety (no worrying about a dreaded scenario question).
• Allow for better structured answers (you are relaxed, fewer uh’s and um’s).
• Present a more positive image (less fidgeting and nervous tics).
• Receive a top rating from the board (you prepared, so you win).

Preparation will allow you to control your own destiny so to speak. Do not hope that other candidates will do poorly, many are preparing vigorously now. Do not think superior qualifications will make a pre-employment section overlook a poor oral board. Often, the most qualified applicant on paper is not hired. I can tell you from personal experience that it is all about the oral board.

In closing, consider this quote from Hall of Fame 3rd baseman Brooks Robinson:

“If you’re not practicing, somebody else is, somewhere, and he’ll be ready to take your job.”